Sunday - Wednesday:
8am - last seating at 10pm
Thursday - Saturday:
8am - last seating at 11pm

8am - last seating at 2pm
(Unless otherwise stated)

Please note: Our kitchen is closed for changeover between 4:00pm-4:30pm every day.

Featured Supplier

We are very excited to introduce Silver Sage Natural Beef, as our new beef supplier. Blue Star and Dairy Lane are committed to finding local suppliers who provide us with great-tasting, natural products. Silver Sage Beef is a local family-run farm who’s quality beef is, dry aged and free from synthetic hormones and therapeutic antibiotics. Their cattle are humanely raised in a natural environment, roaming and grazing freely on open pastures of nutritious prairie short grass.



We like to offer a gutsy range of food from age old recipes with a fresh new twist to introducing you to a vegan dish that might just knock your socks off. Mix it up a bit.

See what we've cooked up for you this month!


Blue Star Diner is proud to be founding partner of Mealshare. Find Mealshare menu items on our monthly Feature Menu and ask us about the partnership the next time you're in.